Good location

Free parking, easily accessible and well-connected to public transportation

Green outdoor environment

The building is located in the middle of a green field, next to the Sooneoja pond and near the forest


All necessary services for employees are provided, from childcare and facilities  to car services. Tehnology campus together with Tallinn University of Technology and Estonian Information Technology College offers constant improvement and innovation fot the companies.

Tehnopol Office Building

Adress Mäealuse 2/2
Beginning of construction 2016 spring
Time of completion 2017 summer
Number of storeys 6st to 9th floors + basement
The total net area 11 548 m²
Developer Tehnopol 2 KV OÜ
Builder Astlanda Ehitus OÜ

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Tehnopol is a new, state -of-the-art office building. The quality grading of the building is A. The building is designed to meet requirements of energy efficiency class B, which guarantees low heating and cooling costs.

The building consists of two units that are connected to the basement; the overall lease area is about 7,340 m². A unit covers about 3,310 m² and B unit about 4,030 m². There are two stairways and two elevators in both building units. According to the plan, there will be a bicycle parking area and parking spaces for cars on floor 0. The building is open 24/7.

The design and construction standards of the building enable establishing trial sites and development centres into the building in addition to office spaces. Lease areas will be designed and constructed according to the client`s wishes. Standard storeys can be used as a big office area or it can be divided into up to four offices. It is possible to have a flexible room layout.


More about the building

Lease area of unit A next to Mäealuse Street covers about 350 m² on the ground floor, each lease area on storeys 1 to 7 covers about 400 m².

Lease area of unit B next to the Science Park covres about 500 m² on the groun dfloor, each lease area on storeys 1 to 5 about 600 m².

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The building under construction, Tehnopol 2, is located at the Sciense Park campus

Tallin Science Park Tehnopol is a science and business campus, home to start -up and growing technology companies. Tallinn University of Technology and IT College are located in the vicinity of the Science Park.

Restaurant Mets and  Aatomik childcare facility are located at the adjacent Office Building 1 of Tehnopolis.

All services available at the campus are here.

For more information, visit the homepage of the  Science Park.

3,500 employees work in the park`s companies

There are 14,000 students and 3,000 researchers in the vicinity

200 technology companies operate in the park

20+ start-up companies at the Startup Incubator

50,000 m² of lease space for offices and laboratories

5 research development centres (collaborating centres of companies and universities)

Laboratories in the field of electronics, mechanics and biotechnology

There are 5 cafeterias, a sport club and gym, childcare facility, car service and shop at the campus of Tehnopolis



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